Supertuben books for learning
My First Writing Workbook with Supertuben Tekla
Help your kids succed in school by giving them the opportunity to learn to write in an entertaining and educating was with lettes, numbers, shapes and colors, trace lines. An engaging and fun book to boost reading and comprehension skills. - Practice pen control - Build writing muscles - Colorful and fun - Diverse content Let your kids be kids while learning and growing.
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My FUN Numbers Workbook with supertuben Tekla Kindle Edition
A great and FUN numbers workbook for kids 3+Help your children learn to write numbers and how to count in this fun and colorful FUN numbers book. Build up your little ones motor skills and writing muscles while having fun with animals, fruits, items and more.Learning how to count and write numbers is supposed be fun for your little kids (and you). Many colors and interesting figures to keep your children´s already small focus window open.Let´s practice counting, line tracing and pen control.
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My BIG writing Workbook with supertuben Tekla
elp your kids succeed in school with this guide that teaches them how to write letters and explore new words and colors, the earlier they start to work on their writing the more they will be prepared, this book introduces them to line tracing and pen control. •Colorful and funEvery Letter have a different color theme and a fruit, thing, animal and more to learn.
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Spell the Animals with Supertuben Tekla
Learn the alphabet along with animals that start with each letter (and sometimes the same letter repeats). Animals include alligator, tiger, cat, whale, parrot, koala, giraffe, dog, rabbit, whale, lion and plenty more. Simple information about each of the animals can be viewed on each page. Learning the alphabet gets fun and interactive! The ideal learning book for toddlers, children in preschool, kindergarten, or a higher grade, for ages 2+. In the end you find a diploma to fill in and cut out and frame.
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