What do I need to write and/or illustrate a Childrensbook?

Motivation Idéa and Target age(s) support/feedback from friends or family Tools Platform Motivation, Motivation and you guessed it Motivation Our motivation is to help kids learn things and the way we do it is via learning and activity books to keep them busy while learning. We want them to the best version of themselves butContinue reading “What do I need to write and/or illustrate a Childrensbook?”

My BIG learn to write workbook is out as Paperback and e-book

This is the US Amazon but the book is available on your local Amazon just search for supertuben or B0892B4FBT

Free children’s book (now just 0.99$)

During the next five days we are giving our first out of currently seven e-children’s books for free on Amazon. #childrensbooks #free #amazon #tekla #supertuben #author #writer #illustrator #nocost .page-id-3892 .top_bar { display: none; }

Out first children book is live on Amazon

Today we launched our first e-book in the Supertuben series and will also publish it as a physical version in the coming days – which kind of media do you prefer physical or digital? We have chosen Amazon select as we are self publishing our books. you can find it here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081RTFQW6/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=supertuben+tekla&qid=1574259878&sr=8-1 It’s the firstContinue reading “Out first children book is live on Amazon”

My new doghouse / min nya hundkoja

Today is a big day for me as I am moving into my brand new lovely doghouse that my moms brother have built for me. It is yellow and white and have a small porch in wood with a roof to give me shade from the sun. I am looking forward laying there and lookContinue reading “My new doghouse / min nya hundkoja”